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Jason Lawrence vs. 2013

Arguably the biggest comeback in modern motocross will take place in just about 2 months, when the infamous Jason Lawrence himself returns in Pro racing. The haters at this point should say "Biggest comeback in motocross?! Biggest waste of talent ever is a better sentence to describe him" Well let me tell you one thing my friend, you are one of the guys who has made J-Law so famous. Jason Lawrence is still one of the most famous guys out there, a sum of both haters and die hard fans. There isn't another rider who can be out of the scene for two years, and still score a thousands of views with a blurry, shaky mobile phone video recorded somewhere in the backwoods of New Jersey. I'm without a doubt, always been and always will be a die-hard fan of Jason Lawrence. Nobody from the pro guys has had such a big influence on me as J-Law has. 

Jason Lawrence's greatest accomplishment was the West Coast Lites Championships back in 2008, when he was riding for the no longer existing Yamaha of Troy team. Now if you start to think about it, Eli Tomac won the West Coast 250 championship last year. Back in 2008, Jason Lawrence was THAT good. That is one thing that you should not ever forget before you start saying bad things about J-Law. He was one of the best riders in the world at that time. I personally think that those guys who are angry at J-Law for the things he did or didn't do, are just jealous. It's simple as that. 

J-Law has done some pretty dumb things in his life, there is no arguing that. But I don't think you can blame the guy for that. When you think of Motocross as a job, it's not an easy job. Being a professional motocross rider is a 24/7 job, it wears people out. It's all about the same routines, repeated hundreds and hundreds of times. That is the key to success. Doing that for God knows how many years straight, makes you for sure want to do all kinds of crazy things. It takes an enormous amount of work and money just to make it to the Pro ranks, and I we all know what kind of sacrifices it takes to win a Championship in the pro level. Like Jason Lawrence said in one of his newest interviews, he had never had a "normal life". Which in a nutshell means, he had never had a life outside of motocross. I don't think you can say he's done wrong, if he wanted to live a normal life for a while.

He has been in the jail convicted from an assault. He has rolled a rental car. He has been drunk the night before a national at the pits. He has been in numerous fights. He has dropped the F-bomb in the podium speech. He has won a championship. He has scored a podium in 450SX. He has scored an overral podium in the 450 Nationals. What he can do in 2013? Nobody knows. Right now he looks pretty collected, fast and is finally ready for his comeback. I'm happy with the guy if I see him lining up for every National there is. That's the all I'm as a fan expecting from him. I can't wait to see him out there again.

Everyone has seen all the 2013 footage of J-Law millions of times recently, so here is couple of legendary shots from the past instead:

                                                          J-Law vs. JG33


Ride hard.

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